Tuesday, January 20, 2015

SBD knee sleeves

The other day I received my new SBD knee sleeves from Anderson Power Lifting.  I've been waiting to use them a few times so I could write a review. 

I would definitely recommend these sleeves.  I have limited comparisons but but I know  that neoprene sleeves are way better than other fabric.  And when deciding which one I was going to buy. I compared all the top brands; Slingshot, Rehban, and SBD.  I found that Slingshot and Rehban were very compatible.  With same thicknesses and similar lengths. SBD seamed to be in a league of their own. Thicker,  longer,  and endless praise on the internet.

I find they keep my knees nice and warm.  My knees are soo nice and warm by the time I finish my warm up that I feel good squatting again. They also offer great support holding my knees together. 

I think that it is worth mentioning that these came from USA to me in Canada in about a week.  That is incredible, I think it shows how fast Anderson Power Lifting was on top of things on their end.

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