Thursday, January 22, 2015

Great day

Squatting is a fundamental movement in CrossFit and in life.  I have always had problems with it,  partially because I have the wrong proportions for it, but also because I'm a big guy that has never taken care of my knees. 

The other day I wrote a post about my new knee sleeves.  Well today I had a heavy squat day.  I looked in my log book and haven't found a squat over 225lbs in the last two years...  I never thought about it,  but every squat day my knees just never felt good enough to keep going. It's pretty sad really,  to think a big guy like me hasn't done a squat over my body weight in two years. 

I had such a good squat day today, I almost can't believe it.  My diet is great lately but, I believe in knee sleeves! My knee sleeves make my knees feel amazing. So in conclusion if you don't have knee sleeves,  it's time to get some.

And again I'll mention,  I got mine from Anderson Power Lifting

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