Sunday, February 3, 2013


I mentioned in the Holiday update post, that everyone should have goals. I have been really trying to lead by example lately. As most of you know, I am doing a 5050 Burpee Challenge, but I have also asked that as many people as possible join me. I have heard one excuse that I feel I need to respond to. It was "I can't do it because the CrossFit Open is starting soon" Well... I think that is a pretty lame excuse. Really if you wanted to, you could program your burpees throughout the day to avoid fatigue, or you could program the majority of your burpees after your open workout, giving yourself as much time to recover for the next open wod as possible... I never said you had to do burpees every day. So to prove my lead by example, I have signed up for the open. 

Here I go with some goals, I'll list them here, please feel free to ask me my progress to keep me accountable. You can also post your goals to comments if you would like me to keep you accountable. 

Strict Paleo diet for 90 days (Due April 7, 2013)
I should mention That I started on January 6, so today marks 30 days clean. This is very strict, were I am not drinking any alcohol. I have no intention of losing weight; I have lost 5lbs but this isn't on purpose, i am trying to maintain as much weight as possible so I don't lose strength.

Complete 5050 Burpee Challenge (Due May 11, 2013)
I started the movement, I believe it is my responsibility to lead the pack. 

Complete all CrossFit Open workouts (Due April 7, 2013)
I signed up, and I want to follow through and complete all open wods. Up to this point I don't believe I have finished the open workouts any year.

If you want to register for the open, you can do that here.

Lifting Goals
Deadlift - 560lbs - (May 18, 2013)
Squat - 400lbs - (May 18, 2013)
Jerk - 265lbs - (May 18, 2013)

Please create your own goals, and make them happen! 

 Meanwhile, here is some inspiration