Thursday, April 19, 2012

Training update April 19, 2012

My previous goal will come to a close in a week... I know i didn't follow it through, but I hit a wall at Deadlift 455 x 5... I tried a back off week, but my head wasn't into it. I found that I wasn't eating enough to get stronger. I was eating paleo for the most part, some beer here and there. I have decided this week I will work on a new goal. My new goal is to lose 10lbs of fat in 10 weeks. This goal should be easily attainable. 

My training this week consists of more GPP. I would like to get my body weight movements a lot better. 

April 16
500m row
HSPU x2, x2, x2 (double mat)
Squat 265x5, 3 sets
Dips x14, x8, x15

April 17
500m row
Sprints 100m x4

Box Jump 20"

April 18
Double Under practice, did about 200 double unders total, 23 in a row was my best. Also a ton of singles. Lots of focus on relaxing, jumping properly, and with that, the rope speed was slower.