Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring Training

Well, the snow is finally melted in my large flat yard west of Burns Lake. Most of the yard is still saturated with moister so its not time for outside training yet. The gym is finally drying out and warming up.

The time is here to get after my own training. With a plan to open a storefront gym on the horizon it is time to get back into Crossfit myself. I am getting a little heavier than I like with all this time off. So getting back after the gymnastic movements is harder than it should be. I have been putting in work on the pull up bar.

My current clientele is progressing on target. Learning new movements and achieving personal records. As a coach I am always learning, and as my most difficult client I am progressing slowly. There is a saying in CrossFit "one who has himself as a coach, has an idiot for a coach" I plan to change that! At least until I get someone to a level were they can coach me.

The next two week I will be on the road. So hopefully I can keep things on track with my training. And keep my clientele on track in my absence. I plan to get some training in with my friends down south.

I'll try and remember to throw down an update upon my return.