Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring Training

Well, the snow is finally melted in my large flat yard west of Burns Lake. Most of the yard is still saturated with moister so its not time for outside training yet. The gym is finally drying out and warming up.

The time is here to get after my own training. With a plan to open a storefront gym on the horizon it is time to get back into Crossfit myself. I am getting a little heavier than I like with all this time off. So getting back after the gymnastic movements is harder than it should be. I have been putting in work on the pull up bar.

My current clientele is progressing on target. Learning new movements and achieving personal records. As a coach I am always learning, and as my most difficult client I am progressing slowly. There is a saying in CrossFit "one who has himself as a coach, has an idiot for a coach" I plan to change that! At least until I get someone to a level were they can coach me.

The next two week I will be on the road. So hopefully I can keep things on track with my training. And keep my clientele on track in my absence. I plan to get some training in with my friends down south.

I'll try and remember to throw down an update upon my return.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Here we go

And we are back...

Sorry for the delay, there have been a lot of changes and here is a recap of life since September. October was a month of stress; binge eating worrying about the move, trying to wrap up my work at Doppelmayr, packing and not a lot of time to train. That was the beginning of some bad choices, but really I think it started before that, as I had started gaining fat before that. 

When all was said and done and we were moved into our new home in Burns Lake, BC I found our finances a little tight so I turned to cheap food for fuel, and this is always a bad choice. Also making friends in our new town I found myself drinking far more alcohol and high fructose corn syrup than I like to. 

After a few months of that, I have pulled myself out of the tailspin. Here we are in March, finally eating primarily primal food. Of course I eat a bit of dairy too but I don't find I have much of a problem with it, or at least I make myself believe I don't. Now one of our new friends has asked that I train her. Of course I have all my equipment set up and I am ready to go, but I have been slacking. So this is my motivation, I need to get back at it so I feel better training someone. (I am the worst for not practicing what I preach.) So my plan is to work out every second day, starting with the Nicki Violetti on ramp to get back into the swing of things. I have previously had a bad habit of trying to jump back into things where I think I should be... Which is usually a bad idea. 

Currently I have achieved a new PR body weight 272lbs, I need drop a bunch of fat gained over the last few months. I would like to get back to 220 lbs by the end of the summer, which is reasonable. 

So back to my first client in Burns Lake, the plan for her is to start her off with the on ramp program, introduce movements slowly and correctly and see what things are looking like at the end of the 12 sessions. Obviously the clients goals are important, and will be clarified before any training starts.  

Here we go 2014, lift something heavy!

On a side note, to all my friends competing in the CrossFit Open, KILL IT!

Friday, October 18, 2013

New things on the horizon

Cannon Strength & Conditioning is moving the operation to Burns Lake, BC. Cameron is moving the Family to Burns Lake as of November 1st. Cannon should be up and running by the new year. Going back to the garage gym roots and offering small group classes and personal training. Please check back in November for more info. 

Please be patient as the website will be under remodeling from the ground up this winter and I will be launching for spring. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

CrossFit Games

Who else wants to be on my leader board? 


Sunday, February 3, 2013


I mentioned in the Holiday update post, that everyone should have goals. I have been really trying to lead by example lately. As most of you know, I am doing a 5050 Burpee Challenge, but I have also asked that as many people as possible join me. I have heard one excuse that I feel I need to respond to. It was "I can't do it because the CrossFit Open is starting soon" Well... I think that is a pretty lame excuse. Really if you wanted to, you could program your burpees throughout the day to avoid fatigue, or you could program the majority of your burpees after your open workout, giving yourself as much time to recover for the next open wod as possible... I never said you had to do burpees every day. So to prove my lead by example, I have signed up for the open. 

Here I go with some goals, I'll list them here, please feel free to ask me my progress to keep me accountable. You can also post your goals to comments if you would like me to keep you accountable. 

Strict Paleo diet for 90 days (Due April 7, 2013)
I should mention That I started on January 6, so today marks 30 days clean. This is very strict, were I am not drinking any alcohol. I have no intention of losing weight; I have lost 5lbs but this isn't on purpose, i am trying to maintain as much weight as possible so I don't lose strength.

Complete 5050 Burpee Challenge (Due May 11, 2013)
I started the movement, I believe it is my responsibility to lead the pack. 

Complete all CrossFit Open workouts (Due April 7, 2013)
I signed up, and I want to follow through and complete all open wods. Up to this point I don't believe I have finished the open workouts any year.

If you want to register for the open, you can do that here.

Lifting Goals
Deadlift - 560lbs - (May 18, 2013)
Squat - 400lbs - (May 18, 2013)
Jerk - 265lbs - (May 18, 2013)

Please create your own goals, and make them happen! 

 Meanwhile, here is some inspiration 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

5050 Burpee Challenge

Hi all, as promised, here is the layout for the 100 day Burpee Challenge. For our challenge it will be called the "5050 Burpee Challenge". We will start on Feb 1st! This challenge will have a different layout than the way my CrossFit Kelowna friends did theirs. We will keep a continuous burpee count. All burpees completed in the 100 days count, and your end total will be 5050 in 100 days. You can do as many or as few per day as you like. So long as end with 5050 burpees. The simplest method would be to do 51 burpees per day for 99 days, then  on day 100 do one perfect burpee to complete the challenge. 

We will start on Feb 1st and Finish May 11

This challenge is for fun, and all you will get in return is the satisfaction that you accomplished 5050 burpees in 100 days. Please don't do these burpees for time every day, as it is likely your form will fall apart and you are likely to hurt yourself. We aren't looking to blow up shoulders, bruise knees or puke... This challenge is to improve your form, increase your efficiency and to help us all feel ready to do burpees.

For those of you that somehow managed to read through all that while not knowing what a burpee is... Here you go. 

Please work to improve your form, after all this challenge isn't just to beat you up. Check out the following video from Carl Paoli. I have also added some links as well to help give you some ideas to improve your burpees.

Burpee Skill Transfer pt 1 Gwod
Burpee Skill Transfer pt 2 Gwod
Burpee Skill Transfer pt 3 Gwod
Burpee Skill Transfer pt 4 Gwod
Burpee Skill Transfer pt 5 Gwod
Burpee Skill Transfer pt 6 Gwod

Now make a plan and stick to it. My plan is to do 5 sets of 10 throughout the day each day. The original method for this was to do a ladder, each day completing one more burpee than the day before. Day one, one burpee, day two, two burpees.. and so on. You could do it this way if you choose, but it creates a large volume of burpees in the end and creates a possibility of over-training. Another smart option would be 3 days on 2 days off. this would allow for a recovery period, but would up you volume per day to 85...

Please comment and let us know that you are going to be completing the challenge with us. And let us know what your plan is, it may help someone else get through the challenge. Keep motivated and hit those burpees every day!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Holiday Update

The lead up to the holidays, I wasn't eating very good, I'm still not... I'm gaining weight, but with weight come strength. I recently pulled a 505lb deadlift... For a triple, My previous 1RM was 507.5lbs. I'm pretty pumped on this. So I figured I would put it out there and pat myself on the back a little. 

As per my previous post the NEW CANNON STRENGTH & CONDITIONING shirts are ready to be purchased. So, me being my biggest fan, I purchased a few shirts for my family, and myself. So here they are!

For Xmas my wife mentioned that she wanted to go to CrossFit again. Yes, I am CF-L1 certified CrossFit coach. No I cannot coach my wife, she doesn't listen to me and she thinks I am too hard on her. So I got her a gift certificate, to get her going at Bodyshop CrossFit. I highly recommend this CrossFit gym. 

I want everyone to start thinking New Yeas Resolution! Something with a clear goal that is attainable. We will be getting strict with our diet at home, especially with my wife starting CrossFit. My goals will be strength related and will finish in March maybe, I will post the goal on my next post along with my progress. I predict it will be something like Deadlift 560lbs, Squat 400lbs, Jerk 280lbs.