Thursday, May 26, 2011

Class this friday! The usual time, 6pm.

Finally a Friday Class!  am trying to make up for the holiday and make sure everyone gets their Challenge workout done. So get in here and lets have an epic turnout for this Friday.  
Hopefully everyone is on the Paleo Diet by now, following it religiously, it will make you more awesome! (How is that possible? Just try it!) Remember eat grass fed, free range animals! They are tastier and a lot better for you. (Less omega 6) Eat a 6oz piece of fish at least once a week. Eat protein every meal, veggies (carbs) every meal and FAT every meal. (It makes everything taste better and it’s good for you)
Great commitment this week people! With the rain every day this week, it is great to see everyone sucking it up and getting wet. I know pull ups suck in the rain, but doing them will make you that much harder to kill.

Don’t forget shirts are available in the garage, if you want one, they are $20.