Sunday, January 18, 2015

Recovering from poor choices

With regret my last year and a bit has been spent eating a ton of junk food and drinking my face off. However entertaining for the people around me, it has come time to get after my health. With our Whole Life Challenge I am eating strict paleo again, no booze. After a year of eating crap and drinking way to much, a funny thing happens. Inflammation, as a 29 year old I should not be rolling out of bed with pain in my joints. inflammation, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory diet, inflammation diet
I do though, today I had a revelation, I rolled out of bed and no pain. I mean, muscle soreness, yes, that is just a part of life when you do two metabolic conditioning workouts after not doing any for a while. It is amazing really, three days of good quality food, and already I feel better. I know this is just the tip of the iceberg. I've been here before, however, this time life is more stable. Hopefully after a solid 30 days or so my inflammation will get back to a normal level. 

I have been doing a bit of lifting, but when your knees feel like they are going to give out with only a plate a side doing squats, you don't work up very high. Dead lifts have always been my gravy lift but I have even kept those light by my standards. Today was my first decent squat day in a while. I  only worked up to 3 x 5 at 185 lbs, but it is a start. Those who know me, know, I have never been good at squatting. Today squatting felt strong, and I kept to a tempo 33X0. Pause squats have always been hard for me, so getting after them at the beginning of this cycle will help me later on.

Life can sometimes give you difficult choices, should I stick to my nutrition plan or get wasted with my friends. For me social life has always been important, but I let it get in the way of my health. But again, I will make that difficult decision to stick to my nutrition, for the sake of my family and everyone around me. A fit Cannon is a more useful Cannon. 

Squat - Work up to a heavy set of three, then do  3 x 5

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