Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pull-up rig assemble!

Yesterday I put up the pull-up rig, primed it and now it is ready for a coat of paint. It is a little bit cluttered in the garage right now since I also got a couple white boards that I need to clear some wall space. So please be patient, I am cleaning the place up as I have time…

Yesterday we had a our first friend brought in to try out Cannon SC. Sal brought in her friend Karla and she did great, I am pretty sure she pulled more weight than she thought she would doing dead-lifts. Great work Karla!

This brings to light the free intro, bring a friend and they can try their first workout for free.

Carrie pulled a 165 lb dead-lift. She thought it was heavy at 115 lbs but just kept stepping up to the bar! Great work Carrie!

Today everyone is going to test their baseline; I would like to see everyone do a baseline by the end of next week. 

For Time;
KB swings 

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