Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rope Climbing & POSE Method, Random Thoughts...

Ivar and Danielle were the first to play with the ropes in a WOD

That was fun yesterday, I think I will have to try braiding a long rope next time!

Before I forget to mention this, next week I am busy Monday and Tuesday night, so hopefully you can work around that... maybe I will plan a workout on Friday so that people can make up missed days. More to follow on that though.

Yesterday I was looking around for shoes, nice thin sole shoes and got to thinking... I am personally going to start working on my POSE running. For those who don't know what POSE running is, I plan to jump two feet into learning how to do it properly, and how to teach it properly. So bare with me as I learn and it should help prevent running injuries, and turn you into a faster more efficient runner. Buying a good pair of thin sole shoes will help prevent heal striking (because it hurts...) and will give good reason to learn the POSE method of running. So do it!

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  1. For information on choosing POSE shoes and whatnot...

    I dig my five fingers, and my puma salohs. Super light, minimal, thin flat sole. Onitsuka Tigers are supposed to be a great all around CrossFit minimal type shoe.