Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Four Animal Stew And a Poor Training Day

 The two subjects in the title are not related.

I figured I would tell everyone about my four animal stew.(Paleo Dish Elk Stew Recipe modified with acouple extra animals....) I replace the Elk with Moose and Buffalo (simply because I didn't have any Elk left), and I used Beef and Chicken broth. Hence the name.

Training today sucked... Feeling a little discouraged, but give me a minute and I will get over myself. Got interrupted just as I got strapped into the rower. that took 20min. So by the time I rot my row started I decided to skip heavy squats. My row was alright 1.37.3 (500m) for a good warmup. Did a quick 30 air squats to grease the joints up a bit. Got into bench, failed hard on my first work set. 3/5 at 205lbs, week sauce. So I pealed my belt off and stomped out in a rage. Oh, that's my minute, I'm done!

I mentioned that the stew didn't cause my poor training. however I am pretty sure the giant chunk of apple crumble, and three huge scoops of ice cream may have had something to do with it.

Diet today is better so far today, although I haven't thought about dinner. Breakfast 4 hard boiled n3 eggs. lunch giant bowl of four animal stew as I type. 

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