Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Directive, Where will I go with this Blog/ Theorietical Hierarchy of Development

My though with this blog first was to bring fitness information to my friends who care to follow it. Now with the closing of our beloved CrossFit Kelowna, I am thinking that we need more. For now I will make sure I post something at least once a week. Then once I get some equipment in hand I will start posting workouts every day. That way people can do them at home or come to my place and get your sweat on. I will be building Plyo boxes, dip stations and putting up a pullup bar right away so stay tuned. Enough Info for today, more to come...

Theorietical Hierarchy of Development

Hey everyone, look how simple it is to be awesome….. lol. All you have to do is follow this simple pyramid!

Starting with eating right, not dieting, just eating right. I want everyone to make simple changes, like eliminating bread! Start there, that is the easiest one I found. Then add something, more green leafy stuff. You get it right! Keep it going!

Now that you are making positive changes in your fuel source all of a sudden you seem to be getting faster? Crazy right? Not really, makes perfect sense, if you are feeding your body high octane fuel, it will use it more efficiently. Then keep crushing wods and you will start to lose body fat. Making you more efficient!

Wow, now you are feeling good, moving faster, and leaning out. So what happens next… Your strength to bodyweight ratio gets better, and your bodyweight exercises get easier! Well that was an easy improvement I didn’t even have to do any extra work!

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