Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Holiday Update

The lead up to the holidays, I wasn't eating very good, I'm still not... I'm gaining weight, but with weight come strength. I recently pulled a 505lb deadlift... For a triple, My previous 1RM was 507.5lbs. I'm pretty pumped on this. So I figured I would put it out there and pat myself on the back a little. 

As per my previous post the NEW CANNON STRENGTH & CONDITIONING shirts are ready to be purchased. So, me being my biggest fan, I purchased a few shirts for my family, and myself. So here they are!

For Xmas my wife mentioned that she wanted to go to CrossFit again. Yes, I am CF-L1 certified CrossFit coach. No I cannot coach my wife, she doesn't listen to me and she thinks I am too hard on her. So I got her a gift certificate, to get her going at Bodyshop CrossFit. I highly recommend this CrossFit gym. 

I want everyone to start thinking New Yeas Resolution! Something with a clear goal that is attainable. We will be getting strict with our diet at home, especially with my wife starting CrossFit. My goals will be strength related and will finish in March maybe, I will post the goal on my next post along with my progress. I predict it will be something like Deadlift 560lbs, Squat 400lbs, Jerk 280lbs.

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  1. That's some nice deadlifting and lofty goals. Glad to hear you're still at it Cam. Wish I could say my numbers are anywhere near those these days.