Monday, June 4, 2012

Training 2012-06-04

 This week is really a get back on the horse week, I feel I have been slacking and really need to tune my diet back in. So today it is fasted workout, late lunch of high protein, then a high protein, low carb dinner. Tomorrow will be more rounded but I feel the need to go really ketogenic the first day getting back on the horse.

 Today I warmed up with some double unders, I was kinda worried about a potential downpour if I went for a run. I have been working hard on my double unders and have gotten to a point that I can hit 25 in row when I am cold, but when I warm up things fall apart. I find if I can get past the second DU when I am warm, I can hit 5-15. But typically, I can't get the timing right at the beginning. I believe this is mostly because of my weak aerobic capacity...

I am 4 weeks into my 1RM program, and this week is 305 x 1, 5 sets. Warmup was 135 x 5, 2 sets , 225 x 3. This video was my 3rd set of my work set at 305lbs.

For Deadlifts this week I am at 455 x 1, 2 sets. Warmup was 225 x 5, 315 x 3, 405 x 1. This video was my second set at 445lbs.
 And spent, time to eat some steak!

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